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Product Features:

  • Incredibly intuitive language models that accurately predict what you type or Swype
  • An Emoji Keyboard with hundreds of Emoji to choose from and Intelligent Emoji support
  • Seamless regional dialect support and trending new words
  • 5 Free themes and more to purchase
  • Quickly enter symbols, punctuation and capital letters with Swype gestures
  • Add or remove words from your personal dictionary
  • Customizable keyboard layouts (QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY)
  • Use Swype on your iPad or iPhone
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    iScanner FEATURES:

  • Automatic detection of document edges and perspective
  • Advanced image processing with enhancement and color correction, noise removing and more
  • Multipage scanning and document managing
  • Full featured file manager with folders, drag&drop, file editing and more
  • Sort documents by date, name
  • Share documents, email and print in one tap
  • Upload scans to cloud services like Dropbox, Evernote, Yandex Disk, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive
  • Add your signature to scans
  • Cut, copy or paste pages
  • Lock documents or PDF files with password
  • Easy Wi-Fi transfer to your computer
  • And many More...
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